Daily Structured Program

For those looking to integrate a structured running program into their regular schedule, as well as for those training for specific events.

What’s Included

  • Training program delivered online, making it easy to access from a distance and to make updates on the go.

  • Weekly Check-Ins with your coach to ensure you remain on track

  • Your coach will also be available via email within 24 hours of receiving your message.


  • Initial Consult: Free

  • Monthly: $200


Personal Coaching

A great way to get direct feedback from your coach on running technique, as well as to discuss training and racing strategies.

These sessions can be focused on specific drills and skills you would like to work on, or your coach can create an individualized workout for you.


  • Initial Consult: Free

  • $95 per hour

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Hiring a personal coach offers many advantages over generic training programs, including increased accountability, as well as the opportunity to create a personal relationship with your coach, who will tailor your program to your needs.