Alicia Evans

My multisport career began in Australia where I raced a variety of distances and achieved some great results. Cycling became my area of strength and I transitioned from triathlon to road racing and worked my way towards the 2004 UCI Womens World Cup

My multisport career began in Australia where I raced a variety of distances and achieved some great results. Cycling became my area of strength and I transitioned from triathlon to road racing and worked my way towards the 2004 UCI Womens World Cup

During my racing career I undertook both cycling and triathlon coaching courses which enabled me to combine my love of sport with working in the field to assist others to aspire to their own goals. I have been fortunate enough to have many inspirational athletes and coaches in my life who have shared their passion for sport with me and who have enabled me to achieve many goals. One such person is Donna Rae Szalinski, the current Sports Director with Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling Team and owner of Cycle Edge Coaching Consultancy in my former home town. Her belief, "life is a gift which we should embrace - make the most of every day, surround yourself with positive people and have no regrets". I appreciate that the daily dance with balancing family life, work and training goals can be challenging...but possible. Coaching is about flexibility, knowing the individual and working as a cohesive team to make it happen. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

Sara Poidevin


I am a student at the University of Calgary studying Exercise and Health Physiology in the faculty of Kinesiology. I grew up mountain biking in the Bow Valley and have been road racing professionally with Rally UHC Cycling since 2016. I have experience coaching groups from youth to masters programs. I create efficient and challenging trainer workouts for all fitness and experience levels that will keep you focused and won't leave you staring at the clock the entire session.

I have been training for competitive cycling for five years and, having completed the majority of my Kinesiology degree, I am confident I can provide cycling and strength training programs for a wide range of clients, from beginners to competitive athletes.

I am a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach. I offer nutrition coaching to help clients develop sustainable healthy eating habits to fuel their active lifestyles and to enhance their competitive performances.

Our value system

At CAMP8, we strive to deliver high quality training programs tailored to each individual client. These are the eight core values we uphold:

We have a sincere interest in the people we work with and view coaching as an art and a discipline that we are passionate about and want to share with others.

We are continuous learners and see coaching as an equal and respectful relationship between two people: the athlete and the coach. Professional development is integral to providing the very best programming to all our athletes.

Our coaching is seen as a two-way interchange of energy and learning that is motivational and infectious. We hope to be able to lead by example in the exchange of ideas and joint pursuit of personal goals.

We believe in the power of coaching to increase enjoyment in your chosen sport and strive for a good work-life balance. It’s essential to find time for friends, family, education, and opportunities outside of sport, other interests and hobbies in order to obtain this.

We are committed to practicing ethical coaching, while building your trust through open and honest communication. A working agreement between you and your coach outlining the expectations for each person provides accountability for both yourself and your coach.

Clear and honest communication between you and your coach allows us to ensure your program is adapted to your needs and is putting you on the right track towards achieving your goals. We hope to maintain open and consistent communication with all of our athletes so that we can answer questions and address any concerns.

We understand the importance of adapting a training program to suit your lifestyle and personality traits, so as to ensure you enjoy the process and can make it work in your time. When training is easy to fit into your everyday life, you will have more success in committing to the work that must be done to achieve your goals. Commitment of yourself and of your coach to a training program is essential in achieving personal success.

Our commitment to the process of coaching you in pursuit of your personal goals means that we believe in your ability to achieve those goals. Athletes who believe in their coaches are best able to commit to the training process. Our hope is that as you see your progression through training, your own self-confidence will grow and inspire you to continually push the boundaries of your personal best.