Cycling and Multisport Pursuits

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We help you define personal success and create individualized training programs to guide you in achieving your fitness and competition goals. We cater our coaching services to a wide range of athletes; whether you're new to endurance and multi-stage events, or a seasoned pro, we'll make sure you'll be standing confidently at the start line on race day.

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 Photo by Candace Mihalcheon

Photo by Candace Mihalcheon

Event-Specific Training

For those registered in long-distance or multi-stage events, including GranFondos and Stage Races.

We provide you with a training program designed to prepare you for the physical and mental challenges you will face during your event. Proper preparation will allow you to not only have a great performance, but will also reduce your risk of injury and help you have a more positive overall experience.

 Photo by Candace Mihalcheon

Photo by Candace Mihalcheon

wind trainer sessions

Let us help keep you motivated to ride through the winter! We offer individual sessions that you can fit in when you have time, or we can structure your weekly training to maximize your training benefit.

Use these packages to build fitness through the winter or to target a specific event.


- Set-Your-Own Schedule (monthly)

- Structured Program (monthly)

- Eight week program

- Sixteen week program

Photo by udra/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by udra/iStock / Getty Images

Personal training

Looking to improve your health and fitness? We help you define your personal health goals and provide you with the training program and the support you need to get fit!

We understand the challenges of fitting in daily exercise while balancing your other life commitments. Our individualized training programs allow us to tailor your exercise regime to your personal schedule.


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